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The accidental death of a loved one is the ultimate loss, forever impacting you and all others who depended on that person for support, companionship and love.

The pain of separating from a family member is made exponentially worse by the suddenness and seeming randomness of an accidental death. Not only are surviving family members bereft in their grief, they more keenly feel their own vulnerability in a world where accidents with devastating effects can, and tragically do, happen.

Those Who Suffer the Accidental Death of a Family Member are Entitled to Recover:

1. Compensation for the incalculable loss of a human being, and all that is missed because of his or her absence;

2. Compensation to those for the loss of the family member’s financial support.

The value of a human being to his or her family is beyond measure, and should be well in excess of any financial loss. To be compensated, the loss must be described in complete and accurate and terms that the law recognizes, and is distinct from grief.

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