Author: Giorgio Panagos

Guiding Principles of Ulysses Law

THE EIGHT PILLARS OF HELLENIC WISDOM Good decision-making begins with strong principles. Each pillar of Hellenic wisdom represents a guiding principle used by the ancient Greeks to confront the unavoidable limitations of reality – that life is fragile and can be catastrophically changed in an instant; that we cannot undertake our voyage through life alone;…
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Tips for Accident Victims

     WHAT TO DO IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT. By their very nature, injury-causing accidents afford little opportunity for the victims to do anything immediately for their own future protection.  But there is much you and your family and/or travel companions can start doing within days of an accident to protect yourselves.  Here…
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Tips for Termination Victims

WHAT TO DO IN THE EVENT OF A TERMINATION Losing a job can be devastating, especially if you are injured, support a family or have no other sources of income. While a termination can understandably leave us angry, embarrassed or upset, it’s important to not let our emotions get the best of us and step…
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